3 Hour Shooting Fundamentals

08/10/2024: 3 Hour Shooting Fundamentals

Class Date/Time

Date - 08/10/2024

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Barry County Conservation Club
1180 Cook Rd
Hastings, Michigan 49058


Call us at (248) 662-5744


Date: 08/10/2024
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Class: $50
Range Fee: $10
Total: $60

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Student Deposit
(Balance of $48 due on day of class)
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USGunClasses Range Course

$60 Class Tuition (Per Student)

Range Fees
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Not Included:
Firearm Rental & Ammo (Only $30)

USGunClasses Range Course Topics

This class combines with our Virtual CPL Class to fulfill the Michigan concealed pistol license training requirement.


Safe Gun Handling

4 Universal Safety Rules

Clearing a firearm

How to properly clear a firearm

Proper Grip

How to hold a pistol using two hands

Where your thumbs should be

Proper Stance

How to position your feet

Where your upper body should be

Proper arm extension


How to use the sights

Fundamentals of marksmanship

Defensive shooting techniques

Loading and Unloading

How to properly load a magazine

Unloading pistols

What to do to get the pistol ready to shoot

Proper Range Etiquette

What safety equipment is needed

How to enter / exit a range

Operating the range targets

Shooting with an Instructor

Live-fire shooting with an instructor

Students shoot at least 50 rounds

This is the perfect class for anyone who is looking to get more comfortable safely operating a pistol.  We start with the basics, teaching everything from the safety rules all the way to defensive shooting.  Whether you’re getting ready to buy your first gun, or you are looking to get your concealed pistol license, this class is for you.

If you’ve already taken our Virtual CPL course, you’ll receive your Michigan CPL class certificate at the end of this class.